Towing Prices

Our Towing prices start from as little as $77 You're probably wondering how is this possible when other companies are charging minimum of $130 - $150. It's simple, we have negotiated some of the best rates with Towing Providers all over the country. As Australia's Largest leading online Towing Network we leverage our size to bring you the very best possible towing rates.

Transport Towing

Transport towing is a discounted service which is great to use when all you need is basic transport without the priority that a breakdown tow requires.

Combined with our low kilometre rate, this off-peak service is a perfect fit when you need to transport a unregistered vehicle or non running vehicle from the auctions or to the mechanics.

This service is only available Monday - Friday and is limited to when the Towing provider can best fit you in.

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Transport Tow

from $77

  • Typically Next Day Onwards
  • Monday - Friday
  • Business Hours
  • Limited Availibility
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Breakdown Tow

Our breakdown Towing service is just that, a service to get you off the road and on your way ASAP.

When time is a priority only a Breakdown Tow will do. We will dispatch a truck immediatly to your location with top priority.

ETA's for a Breakdown Tow are usually only 30-60 minutes. The Towing Provider will confirm with you, so you know exactly the exact arrival time.

This is our premium service and is available 7 days a week. Your time and safety is important to us.


Breakdown Tow

from $110

  • Priority Service
  • 7 Days a Week
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Light Machinery Tow

Light Machinery Towing combines a standard kilometre rate with a additional charge to account for the extra time required for loading and unloading as well as the increased wear and tear on the equipment.

This service is suitable for Tractors, Bobcats, Caravans and Boat Trailers.

Light Machinery Tow

from $120

  • Booked Service
  • Size and Weight Limits apply
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Accident Tow

Accident Towing is for vehicles that have been involved in a accident and need to be towed away from the scene of the accident.

This service typically includes storage in a holding yard for a set amount of time

Due to the different regulations accross Austrlia, prices do vary for this service.

Accident Tow

from n/a

  • Emergency Service
  • 24/7
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┬╣Additional charges apply for after hours, weekends and public holidays. Additional charges may apply for lowered, prestige, or for non standard tow. Prices are a guide only and may vary between depots and not all services may be available at all depots.