Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question ? Here are the most common questions and answers asked about Tow My Car

Does Tow My Car provide towing services ?

No, towmycar is a online platform only that connects customers to towing providers, we do not provide any towing services or directly charge customers for towing services.

Who provides the towing services ?

Any Australian Towing Business who is registered and appropriately licensed to provide towing services to the public is free to join the platform as a provider.

Who's tow truck is that in the pictures ?

That truck was owned and used by Tow My Car for 5 years before pivoting into software and application development. That truck has been sold with the proceeds going toward full time development of this platform.

How does tow my car make money ?

Tow My Car has 2 sources of revenue, we charge towing providers a very small fee for customer leads when a customer tries to contact a towing provider after generating a online quote and we also earn revenue from displaying advertising on the website.

Why am I seeing ads on this site ?

Ads are a important revenue stream for towmycar, without them this site would not be possible, they help pay for continual maintenance and development of the platform and also cover the day to day running costs of operating a large site. The income from ads also help keep the fee we charge towing providers as low as possible, this in turn ensures that towing providers are able to provide good value to customers without having to add a significant mark up to their prices to cover fees.

Can I become a site sponser ?

If you would like to become a site sponser, please get in touch via the Contact form