Terms and Conditions

By using any part of This Website, The Tow My Car Network, or our Quote and Booking Services, you agree to be bound by these terms.

  1. Tow My Car trading as Tow My Car ABN 47 695 680 190, is the 'Tow My Car Network', consisting of, Our call center, This website, Our software and our Quote and Booking app.
  2. Towing Provider, Contractors or Driver or Depot refers to the Towing Service Provider that provides the actual towing service to the customer.
  3. Customer or Customers means you the user.
  1. Tow My Car is a online Towing Network, we provide and host software that facilitates the matching of customers with Towing Providers and the ability for customers to directly book jobs with Towing Providers.
  1. Tow My Car provides the site, Quote and Booking services on an 'as is' basis. By using this website or by booking a job with a Towing Providers via this website, you indemnify Tow My Car from any and all claims including but not limited to personal injury, loss or damage, deterioration, contamination, misdelivery, delay in delivery, or non delivery, consequential loss whether is caused or alleged to have been caused by the negligence or willfull act by the Towing Providers.
  1. Quotes are provided instantly online via our Quote app, prices vary between Depots. The Quote that the app displays is the amount that is to be paid directly to the Towing provider. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
  1. if your vehicle needs additional labour time to recover it, or if it has been involved in a Accident, or if it is lowered or if there is no clear access, or if the towing job does not match the description or the towing service booked, additional charges will be negotiated with and paid directly to the Towing Provider. Additional charges may also apply for after hours, weekends or public holidays.
  1. In the event that the online Quote App provides a erroneous quote the Towing provider has no obligation to complete the job for the quoted amount.
  1. Towing providers may refuse to provide a service to any customer for any reason and have no obligation to accept any job.
  1. The Total amount will be payable if you cancel under the following circumstances: 1. Towing Providers arrives on site and you cancel for any reason. 2. Towing Providers determines you have inacurately stated the the conditions of the booking and the cost will be higher and you then decide to cancel (ie: Accident Damaged, Lowered, or No Clear Access. 3. You no longer require your tow booking and fail to notify the Towing Providers.
  2. Additional Cancellation terms applicable to each depot may apply, you may obtain these cancellation terms by contacting the depot directly.
  1. Towing Providers accept no liability for damage to the underside of lowered/modified vehicles, mechanical derangement, damage to concealed areas of a vehicle.
  2. Towing Providers accept no liability for damage to Vehicles in poor condition.
  3. Towing Providers accept no responsibility for any accessories that are not factory fitted.
  4. Towing Providers accept no liability for damaged Windscreens.
  5. Towing Providers accept no liability for the loss or damage of Canvas Roofs and Tonneau covers.
  6. Towing Providers accept no responsibility for the contents included in log book folder.
  7. Any claims of damage must be made directly with the Towing Providers
  8. Any Damage must be reported to the Towing Providers within 24 hours