Insurance Covered

With so many towing operators to choose from it can be a minefield trying to pick the best towing service to tow your pride and joy. Remember to always ask any prospective towing company if they have full insurance and if your vehicle will be covered in the event of a accident. Many back yard tow operators do not have the proper insurance to protect your vehicle in the event of a mishap, and upfront may seem cheaper saving you $10 or $20 on the price of the tow. However in the event your vehicle is damaged the cost of repairs will easily far outway any small savings made upfront. All legitimate Towing Operators will have full insurance for the load carried at all times.

Tow My Car is a fully insured operator and carries the following insurances for your complete piece of mind.

  • Truck - Full Comprehensive
  • Load - $100,000
  • Public Liability - 10 million
Please see our terms and conditions of carriage.